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Santo Domingo logra acuerdo para exportar cacao a Alemania

Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, on western Ecuador, prepares for the first shipment of fine cocoa for export, after the ILCO finished a negotiation with the transnational Transmar Commodity Group, of Germany. On August 5th of 2015, the ILCO informed that by the end of August and the first week of September, the first 25 […]

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El sector cacaotero generaría $ 3.000 millones hasta 2025

The Ministry of Agriculture (MAGAP), through the Project of Reactivation of National Fine Cocoa, promotes two key strategies to reactivate and strengthen the cocoa industry in Ecuador.
The project has as a goal to improve the quality and productivity of the national cocoa, in order to reach the projected $3.000 million by 2025, for the gross […]

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50% de la producción del cacao en Antioquia se daña a causa de ‘El Niñó’

The most critical situation is reported in the cocoa fields of Valdivia, Taraza, Caceres, Zaragoza, El Bagre y Caucasia.
At least 50% of the cocoa production in the sub regions of south Cauca and north of Antioquia are affected by the high temperatures in the day and the freezing temperatures by night, as a consequence of […]

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